Thursday, December 23, 2004

12/21 and 12/22

Here's the blog for my trip to Taiwan.

Location : DFW Airport, TX

Time : 11.15 am Central Time (12/21/04)

Nini's dad, Bill, brought us to the airport this morning, Chris tagged along as well.

During the check in time, I was one of the "lucky ones" that were specially screen for security reason (that's what you get for being a minority , just j/k) … flight outta DFW was fine. I did indeed grab a newspaper before I left, nothing big and important happened yesterday … so I'll fly for 13 hours … I'll leave DFW around 11.45 am on 12/21 and I'll touched down in Tokyo around 5.30pm , 12/22/04 ....

Time : 4.14 AM Central Time, 7.14 PM Tokyo Time , 6.14 PM Taipei Time (12/22/04)
Location : Tokyo Narita International Airport

So, the flight to Tokyo was fine, except for a few minutes before landing I was having problem balanced the air pressure in my ear, so my ear was hurting. In addition to that, after flying non-stop for 13 hours, I started to feel a little bit air sick. Anyways, Tokyo Narita is a nice airport, it felt kind of weird to hear the language that I knew (besides English … LOL), and whole lot of language that I don't understand (ie. Japanese .. I need a translator .. Like … Nini … ) anyways .. All is fine. BTW American Airline has a great Jazz Radio station on board, so check that out if you ever fly AA.

Well, I'll call it quit for now, I have another 4 hour flight to Taipei then another 2 hours of Bus Ride to Tai Chung .. Uh , so I'll write more later.

I did some journaling on the plane, God must had read my prayer and poem since I am so much closer to Him (space wise .. Since I am on the air at 10000 + feet … just j/k )




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