Sunday, December 26, 2004

12/23 - 12/25

12/22 - Wednesday
~ we touched down in Taipei International Airport around 11.00 pm local time (9 am CST) , the flight from Tokyo to Taipei was fine except my TV screen was broke, so i didn't get a chance to watch the movies i wanted to , i just slept for 4 hours . So we got the local bus and ride home , that ride was another 2.5 hours .. yeap .. boring, yes. So we got back into Tai Chung (where my parents live) around 1.30 am in the morning .. and oh i got off at the wrong stop too .. my parents came pick us up later on .. and treated us dinner .. yeah .. Taiwan is pretty much a 24/7 country , there are shops opened and food sold every hr of the day .. then we went home and slept. i love my parents' condo .. i'll show y'all pix of it later ..

12/23 - Thursday
~ woke up early in the morning and travelled with my parents and sister to Tai Bao, a town where my parents teach some college classes and ministered at the local church ... so we went there,
the church building is very nice, it's a five stories condo (i'll show y'all pix) ... and we had some good food .. later on this day .. we went on to my parents' campus and shared our lives with their students .. i was "little" shy ... we also sang some praise and worship songs .. another guy from the church shared his testimony .. and that was AWESOME !

12/24 -Friday
~ woke up early in the morning again .. this is because of those annoying rooster .. um ..
it's great to hang out with my dad :o) .. had some good food again .. especially breakfast,
i love the breakfast in Taiwan .. not so much lunch or dinner .. so if i can eat breakfast for the whole entire day, i am happy ! so ... later on this day .. we had some kids at the church, we sang some carols .. and taught them some english .. and that was fun .. i was dead tired .. and shy.
so i went to bed a little past 11 pm.

~ Christmas Day , no SNOW (ppl in dallas,houston .. congrats for the white christmas) , no gifts, no Santa , no ... well , yes to Christmas music since we can stream that thru Napster .. we did some packing for my parents since they are actually leaving the church in Tai Bao and moving to minister a church in Tai Chung (where they currently lives) ... so we travelled back to Tai Chung again ...
i can't believe my parents drove like this every single week .. they will leave Tai Chung on Wednesday and then leave Tai Bao on Sunday night .. anyways .. we visited my dad's new church in Tai Chung , the people there are awesome (esp. the youth) .. anyways .. we had a Christmas celebration at the church .. that was fun .. again .. (i am still "little" shy to talk to people) ...
we then went to one of the local night market .. there were just SWARM of people .. i meant LOTS and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of people .. ... then we went home and i slept.

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