Friday, December 17, 2004


It's that time again,
the time of intermission,
where people leave and go take a break,
no, i am not talking about a play,
i am talking about life,
seems like holidays are like intermission,
where people leave for somewhere familiar or unfamiliar to recharge,
to rest and to refresh,
that's what i love about intermission,
not because everyone will be gone forever,
it's just we all need some break to recover and heal the wounds in our heart,
and resume fighting and living when the intermission is over,
so pack up your bags and head out your crib,
find somewhere you like and take a break,
for it's that time again,
the time of intermission.

for this intermission i will be spending my time in Tai Chung, Taiwan with my family,
talk about unfamilliar places , i am not very familiar with Taiwan at all but i hope it's all gonna be great ! .. i'll post pixs and stories while i am over there ...

and i can be reach thru this BLOG ... and my email
which is edaniel1984 [at] gmail [dot] com

love y'all.


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