Sunday, April 24, 2005

Rushing touchdown - no good.

last few days in college station was great ...
but i've been rushing thru time to get most of the stuff accomplish ... add that with jet-lag
and tired-ness and time change ... i've try and try and try to get most of my stuff done.
With that and my absent-minded personality and some laziness and ... i've managed my time badly, managed my stuff badly ... i left a few important stuff in texas .. 1st of all my phone charger .. great! now i gotta wisely conserve my cell-phone power .. i also left the gift my sister gave me there .. ah (i felt SO BAD) since i like the shirt that she bought it for me .. then i left the gift i asked my sis to buy for andrea in dallas .. hmm .. well .. that .. so i was pretty frustrated today .. and homesick too at the same time .. anyways ..
that's why i was mad at myself.
go figure.

so, i've again trying to learn the lesson of PATIENCE , CARE and SENSITIVITY ... meaning
be patient at the stuff i am trying to accomplish with the given time, while carefully accomplishing those task and be sensitive with the people's feelings and relationships around me.
hm. NOT EASY..i guess i gotta fixed that absent-minded attitude of mine,
or like my buddies used to said ... one day i'll lost my kid in the grocery store and will not realize it until my wife inquired me ... LOL .. that is NOT going to happen ... well ... not soon obviously ..

~ daniel

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