Saturday, June 04, 2005

Weekly Updates ...

i've been in Portland for about 4 months now,
time really really flies,
most of my buddies are taking trips out to spread the good news,
and i am really glad for them!
working as an intern had gone a little harder last week,
i've continued to learn the lesson of communications,
if the communications were not clear,
lots of time and money will be wasted because if a product can't do what it's supposed to do,
it's a waste anyways.
i've heard or really talk to some of y'all lately ...
but i do know that Jay and Beth's baby is due any day now ...
and two couples from our church just got married :-)

anyways ...
Portland had been nice lately,
with the weather in around 50-60s , it's pretty nice,
some days it will get up to the 70-80s and those days are exceptionally gorgeous !
well ...
2 more months then i'll be back in texas ..
i'll definitely miss Portland !

well... on a side note,
i am working a new website called
"Take actions, make a difference"
it's supposed to be a directory of organizations in various places where people
can get involve to SHOW love to the people of this world,
whether it's different ways to send aid to Africa or helping kids in the inner city,
i hope to provide a directory/e-zine for it ..
i'll post more information as i work on the website !

well, if you know some great charity/community service organizations in your area,
please help fill me in ... thanks!


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