Friday, June 17, 2005

Rainy day

Rainy days are not uncommon up in the northwest,
but today it's pouring down hard,
not that the usual drizzle that annoyed me,
i love the sound of pouring rain,
it's kinda soothing,
kinda romantic,
maybe that's how God says "I love you" to us.
i turned on the radio,
the top 40 station is playing some songs that makes me wanna fall in and out of love,
incomplete is what backstreetboys said,
behind her hazel eyes i bet there's a story,
maybe we don't really know the real kelly clarkson,
ahhh ...
without you all i am going to be is incomplete.
i was watching ER,
seems like everyone is falling back in love,
the summer is here,
the season where lonely hearts blossom,
where will mine be?

i <3 you.

i am tired,
the rain is gonna sing me to sleep.


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