Friday, November 18, 2005

Cloudy and Cold

It's cloudy and cold,
dark clouds had moved in,
and sunshine is gone.
what is the meaning of life,
what is the meaning of all,
i see sun goes down and comes up,
i see flowers bloom,
i see flowers gone,
are we living in a self allusion?
are we living in a world of matrix where we've come up with our own solution?
you are probably right,
you are probably wrong.
Gone is the happy days,
ahead is some serious and tiring battle,
against the thoughts of human,
against the condition of life,
gone is the fake kind of life,
too much candy is not good for ya,
it's time to be real,
it's time to be real.

it's still cloudy outside,
not it's cold.

when will i see you again, sunshine?
til the clouds are gone.

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