Friday, November 04, 2005


so much hype,
so much vibe,
the glamour of famous stars,
seems so attracting.
from the list of super stars,
to the new down right person on the news,
from the flying stars in the nba,
to the outspoken writers,
what am i to take from it all?
the struggle of where i dream to beand what is reality,
grounds me to the floor,
they found fortune and forsake it for the truth,
what about those who had found the truth and never forsake it?
are they missing out?
are we standing on one side of the fence looking into a lifestyle that we can never understand?
or are we really wishing we are part of it?
let's hold on to the truth and never let go ...
ah, all the vibe and hype.
alas, the rich and the famous.
but in the end, the truth will prevail,
emptiness will either leave or kills ya.

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