Friday, November 04, 2005


stuck in a moment of time,
i could see my past playing,
like a never ending movie,
every decision, every choice and every road that i've taken.

places that i shouldn't had been,
lines that i shouldn't had crossed,
i regret it all.

i could see my future dawning,
every pieces of my chess pieces are arranged nicely on the game board,
should i start with the knight or the pawn.
Will i fall into the same trap again,
it all seems the agony that lies ahead are coming,
but with agony there must be joy and victory.

Is this still my own game?
or is it God's?
or is this His game for me, and i'll just have to play it out on His board?
and with His guidance?

i'm stucked in a moment of time.

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