Saturday, May 06, 2006

i guess i am not supposed to write this but i will ...

it's finals week, finally !
the semester really flew outta my hand like a baseball - once its gone, its gone - and it will break that window .. jk
i guess i decided to post something in the middle of finals week because i am not supposed to -
i've been posted on my xanga for my dead days junk - but i decided to switch back to blogger because i like blogger better -
last couple of days had been wonderful ! - see my post in
i think i am getting some studying done - not all - i hope to get at least my AI done tonight so i can start on other stuff like the OS final that i am sweating over -
anyways - last couple of weeks had been fun (and lots of ups and downs .. and whole lot of in between - mood wise ..)
i did get to go to Ring Dance last weekend, and that was fantastic :o)
just a thought - sometimes i wish that Ring Dance never ends - so the life can really be that dreamy (ya know - dances and such) ... but i know the dance did end, life just keeps on moving - sometimes i wish that church service will never ends - like um - sunday everyday to keep the spiritual momentum going - but it does (the corporate part anyways ...) ... so life goes on ...

i love finals week - because the library is packed and everybody is studying -
now A&M does look like Harvard or MIT (during finals only !) ...



well - if you are still reading this - shoot me back with something -
and i'll keep on posting.

oh btw i'll be in taiwan/m'sia for the summer - i'll def. keep everyone posted.

peace out.


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