Monday, May 08, 2006

Sunrise , sunrise

it's been a while since i saw sun ray's in my own room,
i had them during my summers in Oregon where sun will rise and its rays will shine on my face to wake me up from my sleep ... today the same thing happened to my room in Texas - i guess after the thunderstorm last night, the sun decided to wake early and shine brightly, that was totally awesome. i am just starting my round of exams today, i thought i had a plan to study everything according to my time table, but i guess that doesn't really work out all the time - i am almost ready for today's test, but not tomorrow's ... i guess i am in a little bit of time crunch but hopefully i can pull it thru :o)
anyways - i'll be done by tuesday - and then the life after school (for 3 months) will began, what kind of journey awaits me ? it's still too early to tell, but i know next 3 months will be interesting, testing and hopefully enduring.

ah, how i miss the nature, mountains , waterfalls and beaches.
ah, how i miss the music, especially the smooth jazz that puts me into a happy mode ...
but, thank God for the day and a nice breeze in the middle of May,
especially in texas.

peace out,

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