Saturday, September 04, 2004


1st week of school,
it's the dawning of another semester,
i seemed un-interested at some point .. to many things,
just got back from summer,
and now i felt like i need another break,
ha ...
don't know why,
i guess the 1st few weeks are always stressful because
there are so many things going on ....
well ..
guess i need to believe what Jesus said,
to go to Him for His yoke is light,
anyways ..
1 Peter 5:7
is my fav. verse and it's going to cont. to be my fav. verse,
i hope i truly come to realise the meaning of that verse.

~ tech.

well . A&M lost to Utah.
and umm .. i got 2 months of Free Napster from Bestbuy,
and i am liking it !

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Anonymous said...

i like the starbucks blog!! i should have commented sooner :o)