Tuesday, September 07, 2004

another day

another day,
another tiring day,
seems like there's endless stuff to do every single day,
from homework to work to homegroup's stuff and then the social part of my life,
then of course, my spirituality too ....
i've been thinking about the "rest" that Jesus Christ was talking about
in the Bible .. the rest that God promised those who listened to Him,
that "rest" sounds REALLY good in a busy semester where i have to rush
from one event to another and another event to another ... while in between
events ... blasting off my speakers at my car or crib seems like the norm to help me
get my mind off a lot of stuff .. anyways .. (too much Top 40 music is not good either .. so
fan-friendly pop-ballard has slowly creep back into my world of music ... LOL .. stuff like
old LPs from Backstreetboys , NSync , Westlife , PlusOne .. etc) haha ...

anyways ..
another day lays ahead,
i gotta choose to live it,
or else it's gonna be another dead day of chasing and dragging.

gotta live for HIM,
gotta rest in HIM.


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