Friday, September 24, 2004

Step towards you


A morning full of worries, A noon full of anxiety , how can i go on like this , how far can i go before breaking down , how deep can i hide all my cries, how long must i wait, before i take another step towards You.

An afternoon full of cold breeze, An evening full of light wind, Here i am again at Your throne of Grace, yearning to seek Your face, yearning to hear Your voice;

A night has yet to come, but all the work has started to pile up, seems like i am earning a second just to lose another minute , how long must i wait , before i take another step towards You.

A heart that is broken, shattered in pieces yet still was hold by the strings of pride, how am i supposed to feel, felt like i am not moving forward, yet not backwards either, keep on standing on what i had, never seeking out for more of You , how long must i wait , before i take another step towards You.

Yet, i know i am a prisoner that had been set free , Your love has opened up to door of life to me, but how LORD, how am i supposed to live , teach me to walk humbly with You, teach me to guard my heart above all things .. teach me to step towards You.

Another cup of coffee, just want to taste your sweetness again Lord, the sweetness beyond the bitterness of life , the sweetness of Your love.

hmm , i wrote this poem a few months ago,
yet part of it is still reflecting where i am at in my heart ,
anyways ...


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