Monday, March 07, 2005

my idea of a new kind of grocery store

while i was cooking today,
i thought of an awesome idea for a new kind of grocery store,
a grocery store for singles !
It's gonna be a grocery store that sell fruits and vegetables and meat with a smaller portion
so that a busy single person like me don't have to worry about wasting raw food materials,
they should also have recipes in the store so people like me can make up my mind about
what to cook and buy the right materials instead grabbing all the stuff that looks great yet don't fit.
that's my idea of grocery store ...
oh they should have lots of Arizona Ice Tea so that people would drink that instead of beer,
some bottle of wine for food (or whatever people want) ,
only sells 1 liter milk and 12 cans soda ...
and that's my ideal grocery store.

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