Monday, March 07, 2005

Trip to bookstore

so here's a second post in a day,
i went out to Border's Bookstore today,
sought to read some new books and hear some new music,
didn't really pay too much attention to the new music except
Keane's CD that i can't stream off Napster, and other titles like Kelly Clarkson's new CD.
But there's some good books that i bumped into,
one of them is called Darwin's Blackbox, honestly i am not a big science guy,
true i love computers and did a lot of stuff with computers and work as a software engineer,
i never really look into pure science stuff (besides the ones that were required by college ...)
so i picked up that book that was trying to refute Darwin's theory by answering questions raised by Darwin thru biochemistry ... yes ... i skipped right thru the book to the last chapters that talked about religion and science, very interesting .. as the author pointed our, the so called "Big-Bang" theory can only fit into one theology, the Judeo-Christian theology, because the rest of the religions claimed that the universe is always in the finite state while Judeo-Christianity claimed that the universe was created by a Creator .. it's an interesting book, i should read it next time instead of skim it .. but anyways .. and there's other scientific books that talked about the possible of teleporter and time-machine .. not in too much of my interest other than reading it anyways. Then this other magazine caught my eye, i forgot whether it's Time or Newsweek or some other current events magazine that talked about the Da Vinci Code ... it's so sad that people til this time still denying the existance of Christ and so forth and so on, i am pretty dissappointed at the point of view of the magazine ... but hey we lived in a secular society that treasures things that are without eternal value , it's kinda sad ... i guess we haven't "evolve" at all, back in the first century they were people who didn't believe in Christ while He was here .. now a few thousands years later, they were still people who didn't believe in Him although they could see the followers of Him that imitate Him ...
so that's just my thoughts for the days,
i promise there won't be a third post unless something happen in the next hr of so.

~ daniel

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