Sunday, April 17, 2005

Down to Salem

another amazing saturday ...
i actually do love my weekends ... it's great to be out to check out other places around Portland.
Today, i went down to Salem with Krystal, a friend from texas who had just moved up to Portland too. Salem, the capital of Oregon, gave the feel of historical town with some trendy stores, so that was great. i had some HOT Bubble Tea, that was good especially it was cold outside (around 50s degrees ..) we also visited the river-front with one of those hand-made mary-go-round horses, very unique. Obviously we visited the capital building, it was closed today, but we get to see the outside of it , it's made outta marble, interesting huh. we ended up going to Woodburn to visit the Tulip festival, i love tulips! especially when there's a sea of them .. i shall post some pictures up

take care y'all.
going to a baseball game tomorrow .. that would be fun !

~ daniel

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