Friday, April 08, 2005

coffee shop

i walked into that 24 hr coffee shop down by the street,
where people are chatting away,
drinking it away.
i walked into the bookstore looking for something good,
digging into the books like treasure,
yet never finding the one i want.
There's that one on politics,
another about the Presidents,
some about the faith and different walks of life.
i walked thru the busy hallways full of people,
talking about life or praying away,
i wanna a cup of coffee,
yet don't wanna sacrafice the night of sleep,
i walked away from the coffee shop,
gaining nothing except another experience,
another experience with people in different walks,
still they are drinking it away at the coffee shop.

1 comment:

nini said...

hmmmm, this reminds me of the poetry i've been reading in my lit class. very impressive, daniel san.