Sunday, April 03, 2005

Aint it Funny

welcome again to my saturday...
i stayed up late last nite watching movie (i watched "HERO") til late,
then i went to bed .. my cell phone alarm and alarm woke me up early around 8 am,
i signed up to go visit Silver Falls with the chinese bible study last week,
but then i didn't feel like going anymore .. well MLS season kicks off today, DC will play Chivas USA, good match right .. i was thinking... let's stay home and watch soccer ..or something like that .. unless my buddy Jack wanna to .. as soon as i thought about that .. Jack called and said he wanna go ... so .. .. .. i woke up and get outta the house and went to the church and met up with the group. I am so glad i went today, so glad that he called, because the soccer broadcast will get cancel because of the reporting of the passing of the Pope .. and i will be bored the rest of the day ..
i had a great time in Silver Falls and the Tulip festival, aint it funny that i thought it might be boring ... it was actually quite interesting .. i took a lot of pics, i'll post them up later ... then i got to meet the chinese director of my church and found out that she actually knew people from college station what a small world (she used to go to the GCM church in Columbus ..)..
and at night .. i was going to hang out with Robert and the gang , ended up the chinese director knew a kid who needs friends .. so i ended up bringing him to the party with me :o) .. that was really need hanging out with him .. and he fit in well with my friends in portland .. praise God ..
so .. now i am here typing this ...
aint it funny that i thought of getting out of the Silver Falls trip this morning,
and all my other plans might have fell thru ...
it would've been such a BORING and UN-PRODUCTIVE day ..
ahhh ..
when can we stop planning the day according to our own selfish desires ?
well ..
back to the MLS
Chivas USA lost to DC .. i watched the highlights on
FC Dallas won .. which was good ...
spring forward tonite.
g'nite y'all.


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