Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th of July

happy 4th of july,
hopefully this is not another day of fireworks and bbq,
americans fought for this freedom from the british empire,
americans fought for this freedom of worship,
freedom of trade,
of rights,
of peace.
4th of July!

remember, freedom don't come free.
~daniel :o)


quinnce said...

happy freedom day too dniel
my country's has passed.

anyway i do not want any conversation to begin here.i read you like do i.
i really love his works and all..
but have you read this site where they discriminates works of him?
better not ot you'll kil them..
anyways i am real desperate of having comments on my blog..
really i am..
so if you could..kindly.

feel strange daniel.
many thanks.

quinnce said...

i feel more comfortable writing you back in here..

i was touched by that "charity" tpic you know so rare people wanted to help and all bt you really touched me

i hope there's so many you in this world..

i wanted to visist one time on that "no-reply-comment" thing of yours..i wander what's in there..

anyway i really appreciated you giving comments..
made me happy..

know your'e quite busy and all..

hope to see from you soon..
just got a new one so hope you'd also be part of it.

why -i wanders there's no such comments on your site?

don't you got any friends?or something?

i got none to add but ali and you are now my i expect you'd do the same.

am i very demanding?!hahaha

so i hope really that you'd have lots of comments -coz i knows what it feels opening your blog just to find nothing but YOURSELF AND YOUR OWN WRITING.

i also wanders if you got really those hazel eyes..

take things easy..

many thanks.

quinnce said...

haven't you signed in yet?[maybe?i haven't read something mew from you since that day i left you my message..]

forgot you're really busy these days bout that charity-?-

anyways i woud love to leave this comment -whether you read it or not.
i deeply understand how it feels like having busy days today.

i've been sending mails back to you-lots-who left me comments and i am expecting that they would also send me one in return..
todays real quite busy..

take it all easy..ok?