Saturday, January 29, 2005

East Bound Train

it's raining out there,
it's ice cold in my heart,
with music pumping to my ears,
and my head bobbing with the beat,
so do the person sits next to me,
i guess i've seen my clone,
there's so many of them,
i don't know what they are thinking,
but i guess they listen to what the world has to say,
with IPOD in one hand and self-help book on the other,
are they under some kind of spell?
am i being watched by them too?
All we are looking for is the trutmeaning,
we are all tired of the lies yet we listen to them,
i've found the truth,
then what?
why don't they ask ? Are they tired of the answers too?
or is it better to find out yourselve than to be told ...
these are just my thoughts on the east bound train ..
and it's still raining out there ..

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