Sunday, January 23, 2005

un-familiar ground

hey ... (instead of good ol' howdy)
welcome to my life in the Pacific Northwest ...
it's been kinda weird last few days ..
doing things that i normally wouldn't do like
going swing dancing .. that is such an awesome experience
though i am only an amateur .. i got friends that would love to dance with me
(thanks to Becca , though i don't think you'll be reading this .. )
anyways ..
how would you feel waking up Saturday morning not knowing what to do
because you usually spend your Saturday's morning visiting nursing home
and Saturday afternoon hanging out with your buddies?
i didn't know what to do,
i made myself some simple breakfast ... then surf the web ...
boring comparing to my other lifestyle ...
i did hung out with people Saturday night,
thanks to the party invitation from new peeps that i just met (Chris,Amy,Alisa,Becca,Mike,etc.)
and so i went over and hung out with the 20 somethingers .. fun fun fun .. though
i am the youngest guy there .. we had pizza and we played Mexican Train (a game i've never played though i am from Tejas ... )
what about Sunday morning ..
usually i woke up knowing what to do ..
meaning either going to worship practice or sunday morning setups or if i woke up kinda late
i'll be just going to church (maybe giving a ride to someone else .. like say Chris ) ..
so i woke up .. make myself some breakfast .. read some .. then what ?!
well .. i walked to the closet Metro Station took the Light Rail to the Milikan Way Stop (ie. next to the Nike HQ) .. waited for the bus for 20 mins then take the bus to church ..
i've never really done that in America .. taking Bus to church ..
so it had been some different experience for me here in the Northwest ..
apparently .. Portland is a BIG BEER town ...
people drink beer like water (even Christians .. yes .. well those over 21 years old)
well i start work monday morning ..
should be a brand new experience ..
i really gotta start work ,
because i am tired of sitting at home.

thanks for reading y'all.
i'll keep y'all posted.


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