Sunday, January 02, 2005

Welcome to the planet, welcome to the fall out ....

stepping back into the world of Asians is truly a new experience,
this is the first time for myself to truly see the Chinese/Taiwanese culture,
and it's pretty "culture-shocking" ... hehe ...
welcome to the planet ... a planet full of materialism, full of false gods , fantasies, and yet hard-working people and many wrong ways to heaven .. people tried hard to do good things or live good lives .. and a place where the gospel of Christ is really really needed ...
i love big cities .. yeap i bet pretty much everyone knows that about myself... suddently i am kinda
tired of it .. the city that i am in right now .. is a BIG city .. i went to New Year's Count the other day,
about 100,000 people showed up at the City Stadium for the party .. crazy huh .. the city is pretty much 24/7 .. there's people in need EVERYWHERE .. but there's always temptations everywhere ... i saw so many people at one of the many malls today .. so many people whose future are determined by their income .. they don't earn much yet they spend a lot ...
welcome to the fall out ...
darkness is all around me (us !) ... though i could see the lights in other Christian .. and many of them are genuine Christian ( and i am encouraged by them).. never waste a minute to share the gospel with others ...
let's wake up y'all..
for those of us who lived in the bible-belt,
this world seeeeeems so far away ...
we have our own Third Day instead of the worldly Maroon 5,
our own KJ 52 instead of the worldly Eminem,
our own Relevant Magazine instead of the US Weekly,
i don't know .. i think those stuff are GREAT ... gives us an alternative from the secular media
that might tempt us ..
but KNOW that there's a need out there ..
let's pray y'all .. let's ask God for directions ..
God can shakes a mountain .. He can save a generation ..
let's pray y'all ..

let me know some of your thoughts :o)
check out this song by tobyMac .. called Atmosphere ..
and um ... flip to your CNN and watch the world news.

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