Friday, January 21, 2005

God's grace and our faith

so i visited "The Flavor" last night,
a Portland Area Singles Ministry / Young Adult Ministry ..
met some pretty neat people ranges from College Students that hip (ie. punk-ish with cool hair)
and white-collar technical people that are relevant (ie. bar hoppin after Bible study ... ) and
neat Praise and Worship led by an Indian dude with a EE degree .. sweet huh ...
well .. anyways .. the Pastor gave a very basic yet importand teaching last nite,
he used verses from the book of Galatians 2:17-21 ... which is living by faith by the grace of the LORD .. he preached the basic Gospel .. ie. living by faith thru grace ... and not living in a work based life .. which is easilly to be fell into ... so anyways .. instead of trying to live by our own strength .. let Christ live thru us .. let the change comes from inside instead of a temporary outside change ... ahh that takes patience .. anyways ..
i am going to Swing dancing tonite ...
yeap .. friends that i met at The Flavor invited me..
so i'll go though i am HORRIBLE at dancing
but that's ok .. there's always lessons.

i start work monday morning (at 7.30am)
which means i prolly need to wake up around 6.00 am.
and people actually use the word snazzy here...


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Anonymous said...

snazzy!!! are you kidding?!