Thursday, January 20, 2005

Portland City Center .. again

so i was kinda bored today (well i have a few more days til my internship starts with Intel)
anyways ..
i went and rode the MAX Trains again ... it's a fun experience ... it only took me about 15-20 mins to travel to Downtown Portland , fun huh .. and on the way there i can read books (and i did) or listen to some CDs (well once i get a CD player of course or iPOD) .. anyways .. i actually travelled up West to Hillsboro today .. and i did visited Downtown Hillsboro ... Hillsboro is HUGE (ie. 80,000 people) slightly bigger than College Station .. but the Downtown is like downtown of any small size city think Crocket,TX but a lot more nicer .. anyways .. i lived in Beaverton which is more ghetto than other suburbs of Portland or Portland itself .. then i rode the train downtown .. saw some interesting people , i heard people were protesting downtown so i was like sure let's go take a look and say something good abou Bush (cuz almost everyone else is a Bush Basher) .. here's some stuff i saw .. " American Liberty , R.I.P , 1/20/2005 " or " 4 war years " , or " **** Bush " ok just guess those **** that could be any cuss word .. but then i bumped into some Protest Warriors ... check out their websites , which is pretty cool , i gave them some High Fives and took some pictures with them ... i might even join them next time if they have another rally (i was thinking going along with them today .. but it's kinda late .. well it gets dark here around 4.55 pm) .. anyways .. oh yea the downtown trip .. went to a really cool mall .. and saw the only other SAKS 5th Ave on 5th Ave outside New York , had some good coffee .. saw a lot of people who looks like me .. ie wearing headphones all the time (except i m not today) .. saw a lot of different kinds of people .. i saw people dressed in the Medieval Times , Punk , Most Fasionable Clothes (that makes you think that they are either the models or they owned that particular store ... or... w/e) .. saw Asians,Africans,Caucasians,Hispanics,Republicans,Democrats, and i think Green Party people is everywhere too ..
i love downtowns .. it energized me .. in a sense ..
well ..
i am visiting "The Flavor" tonite at Village Baptist ..
check out their website The Flavor - Home .

that's all for today
i'll really really try to post some pics.


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