Sunday, February 06, 2005

South Bound Bus

i hop on the south bound bus,
to the destination where almost everyone else is going,
they called us the race without cars,
we are the latinos , caucasians , africans and asians,
we are the singles , married , males and females,
over there was that lady with 3 little kids,
and there was that guy with the bike,
or the latino guy who is trying to earn a living for his family,
so welcome to America,
this is something that i haven't seen before,
it has opened my eyes,
like we are all moving towards the same destinations,
the destination would be to live life ,
some just barely make it for the day,
some felt what they have is not enough,
some just looking for more stuff to fill the void in their hearts,
so we reached our destination,
and we get down from the bus,
in the matter of seconds ,
we were dispersed into the crowd,
and lost in the sea of advertisement .......


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