Saturday, February 12, 2005

Down in the hood

i won't say Portland Downtown is ghetto, it's not actually,
well they even tried NOT to call it downtown, they called it
the City Center , just like most Asian countries called their downtown
i bet the Europeans do the same thing too , so i guess they tried to
distinguish themselves from the rest of the cities in America.
Anyways, i went downtown last night , more specifically the campus of
Portland State University and hang out at the International Coffee House,
it's like an outreach thing for the international student/visitors/professionals
to go, so i went (i met a guy named Jack who brought me there, and he's from Taiwan , and his friend Yvonne went with us too) It was fun, they were talking about the meaning of Love , ah how timely that is , so i got two doses of love "messages" in two days , that's not that bad. i got to meet some really cool people from all over the world, from United States to France , Malaysia to Central Asia to Russia and of course Japan, there's a lot of Japanese last night , i love how they dressed , very hip i would say . Anyways, after the Coffee House we went to Burnside Bridge, such a nice bridge i would say, i love the skyline of Portland , especially when you are by the Willamatte river , with those neon lights and tall skyscraper , i absolutely love it !
Anyways, i'll definitely go back to that International Coffee House to make some friends , i guess it's always fun to meet new people , and their staff is constantly reaching out to the students and share the Gospel to them one way or the other.
So, that is really cool. Next week, they are having Japan night , which means Sushi , Sake , etc. i think i'll be there !
So, i love Portland City Center ,
it still gave me the feeling of late 1800 / early 1900 feel (which i LOVE ) and
bunch of coffee shops ...
well that's my blog for the moment.

ahh .. i woke up to the music of Newsboys ( Not Ashamed ) and Destiny's Child (Soldier) .. that's what i need to be.

peace out y'all.


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