Monday, February 21, 2005


it's been a while since i last posted stuff on my blog (last monday),
many thing had been happening,
my life's been really eventful for the last few days.
i had a good time hanging out and getting to know my new buddies
here in Oregon, Adam,Chris,Robert,Dallas,Natelie,Hillary,Renjy and Alisa are all
really really really really awesome folks (for those who are coming up here .. i think you'll get to meet them ... ) anyways .. Saturday i went downtown with the Johnsons (Andrea and Stacy), they are both really neat people that used to live in East Asia with their missionary parents and thus made them really cool people to hang out with .. Sunday i hung out with my other new found buddy Jack, also from Taiwan. it's fun hanging out with him and listening to him pouring out his heart / head to me ... it's great to get to know another guy , he's really amazed by the love of Christ and the love from Christians .. and i think that's a great thing ...
and of course today .. Adam called me up and asked me if i wanna go to the bonfire get together at Alisa's parent's farm .. it was FUN .. we had hot dogs , smores .. and country music , boy i missed TEXAS .. lol .. anyways it's always good to be out in the country .. though i do love the city too ... ahh .. it had been a different life up here ..
love y'all.

i'll post some pics once i get them processed... (the old fashion way....)


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reanna said...

texas misses you too. but i'm glad to hear that youre having fun out in your wilderness.