Friday, February 11, 2005

dot Net or NOT ?

~ technical entry ~
dot net framework is some great stuff,
yeah i bet you've read so much about it now,
or you've used stuff that is based on the dot net framework,
so i learned how to program in asp dot net this week,
that was cool ... and now i am learning asp 3.0
the dad of ... it's not as nice as asp dot net
it's a little more confusing ...... yeah
so for those of y'all who wanna learn to program computer ...
try visual basic dot net .. it's pretty neat ...
for those who LOVE object oriented stuff .. go learn C Sharp
i bet i would love C Sharp since its syntax is SO SIMILAR to good old Java ...
~ technical entry ~

ok .. enough of those tech talk that probably no one will read ..
so .. at The Flavor last night,
Dallas talked about relearn love ...
what does that mean .. relearn love?
when are we outta love ? when are we in love?
it's an essential part of our life to relearn love,
relearn to trust ..
because love empowers a person,
so .. relearn love .. relearn the love of Christ ,
relearn to love Christ ..
btw , check out the song relearn love by Scott Sapp (formerly Creeeed)

i'll write more later about the subject of love.

Love is in the house
and the house is pack ! (tobymac ~ love is in the house)

~ daniel

if you know someone in West Side Portland ...
encourage them to go to the FLAVOR !

love y'all.

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