Friday, July 29, 2005

end of a chapter ...

my bags are packed again,
i've concluded the latest chapter in my life -- "Living in Portland : MTV meets Jesus Freak" ...
j/k .. just kidding ...
i've concluded my internship up in the Northwest,
and getting ready to go back South. I realise it's going to be a big change,
therefore i am going to take a few days to let things settle in. So, instead of taking the 5 hrs flight back to Houston, i am taking a 36 hrs car ride, sound fun huh?
i've learned quite a bit up here, lots of deep questions had bombarded my mind,
sometimes i just don't wanna think about them and keep my life simple ...
anyways ..
i am going on another journey again,
this time the journey home,
i might not find it the way i left it,
because i've changed,
and i realize other people have also change,
so it's another journey,
another chapter of my life ..
let's call it -- "Living in Aggieland : So far yet so close ..."

macster :o)

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