Thursday, July 21, 2005


i think i am going to start my own podcast,
there are just so much thoughts that goes thru my mind everyday that weren't being captured anyway. lol , well not really, i did enjoy podcast though .. i subscribe to the PodCast of Kj52 (a cool rapper and ESPN) .. i know i know .. i am just like any other typical guy .. :o)
anyways, i've been reading thru some interesting article that includes second to the last chapter of the book Blue like Jazz by Don Miller and the latest email article from Relevant Magazine ...
again the issue of being real and secure comes up. i mean we are insecure beings aren't we? we want people to love us, like us and agree with us. My community group talked about that the other day, what if Jesus lives among us today? He would not have that insecure feeling because He is totally secure .. that's what we are made .. "secure in God" but the fall had broken the security and now we are trying to regain that "secured" feelings and ended up even more insecured with earthly things etc. So, the conclusion we came to is to be secured in God, and stop defining ourselves from the eyes of others, which is not an easy thing to do, well nothing is easy anyways. We also talked about how a believer should act in a situation where he/she is tempted to lose the "security"... our reactions and perspectives must change .. or else we are no different than anyone else on the planet ...
that's just some deep thoughts from my heart ..

here some other thoughts...
Q : why do we like "feeeeelin'" miserable?
A : so we can relate to the songs on the pop radio ....
i guess one thing i've learned about myself is i love being miserable,
it felt kinda "sweeet" actually,
maybe that's just some messed up theory,
but think about it,
why does it take so long for someone to go through a breakup,
or get back up from the hole that we fell into?
let's get up y'all,
sometimes we just gotta get pass the point of self-pity / self-hatred ..
and learn to love ourselve...
i gotta learn to love myself. (well andlearn to receive love from others and God)

... so about the pop radio ...
some sweeeet songs : Howie Day - Collide (always made me feeeeeeeeel real goood)
Three Doors Down - Let me go (yeah so let me go !.....)
J.M - Beautiful Soul (oh yeah ... another feeel good song)
Relient K- Be my escape (gotta need this one ..)

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