Tuesday, July 26, 2005

High Desert

i spend my time at Oregon's High Desert over the weekends with some friends from church,
it was an interesting experience. Central Oregon is beautiful ... the scenery feels like heaven i would say (well .. no golden streets) but snow-capped mountains, clear streams and rivers, transparent lake, huge canyon, and it's a desert by some chance. It's beautiful, it's definitely a time well spent, though i didn't really really enjoy the watersports because i am "aqua-phobia" i did do some tubing and lots of hiking ( my foot really really hurts right now) ...
it was time well spent ..
pondering on life questions like do i really follow Jesus ? what does it mean to do so?
and do i really believe that i am God's workmanship or am i just some random combination of luck .. yep... tough questions with answers from the basics of my faith yet i still messed those up sometimes.
anyways ... i better start packing for my journey back home,
oh sweet home texas.


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