Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Texas on my mind

so i was back in Texas for a few days,
and i had a great time :o)
Texas is like home to me, though i did miss my family in m'sia and Taiwan, i miss my other family (a huge one) in texas as well .. ya know what i'm talking about ..
anyways ..
last thursday night, a thunderstorm swept through south central texas and we (jordan,jeff,adri and i)got to see some pretty impressive lightings ... great lightings that again put me in awe of the nature .. i've seen mountains and such up in Oregon, but i do miss storms like that in Texas ..
i guess God never stops amazing us with the wonders from His hands whether it's the nature like the mountains, oceans, lightings and rainbows ... or the way He changes people's mind from totally stray away from Him to trusting Him ... or the miracles that He performed to save the one who love Him or to comfort and show love to His creation .. :o)
so i guess .. next time when you get a chance .. turn off that TV and sit and watch a thunderstorm goes through the town .. or .. go hiking or find a rainbow ..
you'll be amazed , time and time and time by the creation of this wonderful Creator,
and of course, be in awe of Him too.

As my time in Oregon draws to the end,
i did had a great time up here,
friends that i've met and hang out with,
relationships that i've build,
let's just hope that it will last forever ... like my other relationships.


and i shall give you some yellow roses of texas ...
(yellow roses = friendship)
(texas = tejas = friendship)
that's right ...


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